The Official Perfins of the Queen Victoria Period

Board of Trade

The stamps used by the Department of the Board of Trade were perforated with a crown and the initials "B.T."  It wasofficially recorded that all stamps currently used in this Department from 27 Jan 82 to 14 May 04 were perforated in this manner.  However, only the following are known during the reign of Queen Victoria:

  • 2d. Blue Plate 15
  • 1-1/2d. Venetian Red
  • 2-1/2d. Blue Plate 21
  • 1881 penny Lilac 16 Dots
  • 1s. Orange Wmk Crown Plate 13
  • 1884 1/2d. - 2-1/2d. and 1s.
  • 1s. Orange Wmk Crown Plate 14
  • 1887-1900 Jubilee 1/2d - 1s.


    The method of production was to fold up a quantity of the stamps which were perforated simultaniously, which created tete-beche vertical pairs or horizontal pairs with the design reveresed on one.  The only other Department that used perforated official stamps was the Office of Works from August 1895 and march 1896 on the 1887 1/2d. and 1d.

    The 1881 Penny Lilac

    1s. Orange Plate 14
    Jubilee 1-1/d.
    Jubilee 2-1/2d.


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