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Watermarks of the Line-Engraved Issues 1840-1880

Small Crown

Large Crown Type I

Large Crown Type II


The "MA" "TA" Watermark Errors 1857 - 64

"MA" Error

"TA" Error


The Perforated Stars Issue of 1857 and the Penny Red with Letters in all Four Corners
Reversed Postmark

Watermark Normal
"Postage" is reversed when read from the back of the sheet

Watermark Reversed
"Postage" can be read from the Back of the sheet

It is interesting that with the aid of the "Postage" watermark which appears at the top and
bottom margins of the sheet one can determine if the symetrical large Crown Watermark is
normal or reversed. I list only the two above issues simply because these are the only two 
 I am familair with.  For a well a detailed account of this watermark please see Don Madden's
article in the February 1993 issue of Stanley Gibbons Stamp Monthly,  Reversed Watermarks
of the Line Engraved Issues, page 42-3.

The Halfpenny Issue 1870

Halfpenny Script


Watermark of the Embossed 6d.  Issues 1854





Watermarks of the Surface Printed Issues 1854 - 1901

Small Garter

Medium Garter

Large Garter

Heraldic Emblems

Heraldic Emblems 
Three Roses and a

Heraldic Emblems
Three Roses and a

Spray of Rose

Maltese Cross

Large Anchor

Small Anchor


Imperial Crown


Special thanks to the Stampguyz for their kind permission to use some of the above Watermark Illustrations

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