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Proofs of the Surface Printed Postage Stamps


Proofs reveal the process of postage stamp production and add dimensions to the stamp collection or exhibit.  The purpose of the die proof was to check the progress of die during various stages of  production.   These proofs were taken usually before
or after the die had been hardened and were thus marked "BEFORE HARDENING" or  "AFTER HARDENING".  Die proofs were also taken for the purpose striking molds to test for damage and are marked "BEFORE STRIKING"  or "AFTER HARDENING."  Some die proofs were taken after plate numbers or check letters were inserted, but the plate numbers were not always the actual numbers to be used for the printing of the finished plate and the check letters sometimes used for the die proof were not the same size as the final check letters used for printing.

Die Proof for the proposed 2s. design with Colored Corner Letters.  Note that the "1" of "19" is inverted on the Date Stamp

Progressive Die Proof with Outer Frame Lines
For the £1 Value

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