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Plate 7

The "O" Flaw Stage 2  appears on most stamps from AA to GF.   "O" Flaw Stage 1 appears on the remainder of the G row,
H row, I row, and a couple of stamps of the J row.   The remainder of the stamps do not show the flaw.  Early impressions
are intense black but later printings appear in gray black, although there is no evidence of plate repair.  This plate was
used for an experimental printing on thin light  paper.  The Plate offers very little in the way of clues to aid in plating its stamps
except for a narrow check letter E.

Example of Plate 9 with light
Red Maltese Cross
Example of "O" Flaw Stage 2

Example of Plate 7 on cover


Characteristics of Plate 7

Earliest Known Date of Use Early July 1840 
Flaw  AThe "O" Flae Stage 1 and 2
No Flaw Most of the J Row through TL
Re-entries KK, QI
Double Letters CA, DA, FA, NB, NF, PE
Extended Frame Lines Bottom to east: CI, DK, EG, EH, EK, FJ, HJ
Bottom to west: AG, BE, CC, CI, GC, IE, IF, MB, RB, RI, RL
Guide Lines Vertical: AF, AJ, AK, BH, BI, CJ, CK, CL, IB, MK, OB, OE, OG, OJ, OK, RB, RH, RJ, RK, SA, TJ
Horizontal:  Through value: DG, KC, KJ, QF,  TC; In square: QJ
Constant Varieties BA (mark on B), CF (mark in F square),  MD (mark in D square)
Printing in Red None
Color of Maltese Cross Red
Bleute Paper Exists
Experimental Thin Paper Exists
Inverted Watermark Exists


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