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Penny Red Plate Plate 32

1842-3 Ray Flaw

Characteristics of Plate 32

Registered 07 February 1843
Withdrawn 16 September 1843
Defaced 07 October 1843
Ray Flaw 1842-3 Ray Flaw (Defective  10 O'Clock Ray)
Re-entries AL, GI, LC, MC, OE, SI
Double Letters CJ, GH, GJ
Basel Shifts BJ, BK, GI, HD, HK, NE, NG, NH, NL, OH - OL, PG
Upper Border Shifts ID, IE, IF, IH, II, IJ, IK, JB, JC, JE
Vertical Guide Lines N.E. Corner: AF, DJ, EE, EJ, OJ S.E. Corner:  EK
Guide Dots Inside L Square: BL, CL, DL,EL,IL, KL, LL, ML, NL, OL, SL, TL
Outside L Square: FL, GL, HL, JL, PL
In the T Row: TD, TE, TI, TJ, TL
Extended Frame Lines Top line extends to right: BA, BG, CK, DH, EG, IB, JH, KC, KE, LK, MI, QD, RB
"J" Flaw NJ
Hand Cut Tail on R Most if not all
Open Top north-east corner CH


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