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The Perforated Star Issues
1854 - 1864


This section provides a brief overview in the form of a table, outlining the various forms of the Perforated Stars, including the die, alphabets, watermarks, paper and perforations:
Tabular Outline of the Perforated Star Issues

The rest of the section is devoted to the following specific subjects:
The Archer Experimental Roulette (1848)

The Archer Experimental Perf. 16 (1850 - January 1854)

The Perforated Stars on Bluish Paper (1854 - 55)

The First Transitionals (October  1856 to March 1857)

The Transitionals (January to June 1857)

The Rose-reds (1856-64)

The Royal Reprints (1865)
Proofs with a Mysterious Past Issued from the Rose Red Plate 66.

The South Kensington Exhibition Proof of the One Penny Die II, Plate 27 (1872)
A brief outline of the proof and a table indicating the break down of the sheet and
location of some of the multiples.  My gratitude to Mr. Bill Barrell for his kind assistance.

The Shades of the Perforated Star Issues (1854-1864)
This section is an attempt to share information with fellow collectors on the wide range of beautiful shades which appear on the Perforated Star Issue on blued paper.  I have very carefully scanned the stamps and found that the end result is a fairly accurate reproduction of the shades of these stamps.  I used a Hewlett Packard Scanjet 5, Adobe,  and and viewed the results on a wide range of monitors to insure an accurate reproduction of the shades.  I wish to give special thanks to Mr. Mark Samwell of the GBPS for his identification of the shades presented in his section.  The shades can also be viewed separately in the following sections:

Plum, Chocolate-brown, Claret

Orange-red      Brown-rose

Orange-brown    Orange      Brick-red    Rose-red