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Frame Lines

The lines which border the stamp on all of its fours sides may show signs of irregularity.  Some plates wore better than others, and this is
a further means of narrowing the possibilities of which plate a stamp may have come from.  The side frame lines or lateral borders of the stamps
may show varying degrees of deterioration ranging  from slight irregularity to completely missing frame lines.  The may also look "wavy" or appear
to be double.  The deterioration may also be seen effecting the check letter or star squares.

Normal Frame
Worn Frame 

The deterioration of the frame lines may be a result of simple plate wear developing during the service of the plate or ironically, it may have been
caused during the cleaning of the plates or in the process of removing burrs which  formed during repairs made on the plate.  Plates particularly
noted for wear, especially on the left side are Plates 4, 5 and 6.  Another Plate which may be recognized by plate wear is Plate 3,  on which stamps
one sometimes  finds thin base lines.

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