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Dots and Spots

Dots  may be found on all of the plates.  This is because "dots" were placed on the plates to guide the placement of the guide lines.  These are often to be seen in the south-east corner of the impressions

Example of "dot" placed for laying  down guide lines  (marked in red)

Spots, on the other hand, are an entirely different characteristic.  Spots appear on all of the plates as well, but particularly so on Plates 4 and 6.  Plate 4 in fact has acquired the nick name "The Spotted Plate" as a result of the large quantity of spots on the impressions.  The following is an example of the spots as they appear on Plate 4:

Example of Spots on IC.
(marks shown somewhat enlarged in red)

It is possible that these marks were caused by the pitting of the plate surface due to rust forming during storage.

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