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Interesting Destinations

In this section all I propose to do is offer examples of what I believe are interesting destinations either from or to Great Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria.  At the height of its "Imperial Prestige" Great Britain was an empire which encompassed nearly 2/3 of the globe.  It had colonies or at the very least, post offices,  in the most remote niches of the world.  Great Britain was the strongest presence in Africa, and was solely in control of the Continents of Australia and India.  Its presence was also felt on some of the most minute specs on the map,  such as the  tiny islands in the South Pacific.  This mail was carried by sailing ship, steamship and locomotive across great expanses in sometimes remarkable short time relative to the technology of the age.  I wish to present here some of the unusual or perhaps even common place destinations which received or dispatched British correspondence.  I have provided small reproductions of the covers in "gif" format in order to reduce the already slow down load time for this section.  In order to view enlargements of the covers please click the below pictures.


From B.P.O. Alexandria Egypt
to London 1868

From Oxford England to 
Beyrout, Syria 1864


From London to Marianopolis
Russia 1875

From London to Constantinople 1861
(Note the B.P.O. receiving stamp)


From Sheffield England to Paris 1861


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