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The Plate Characteristics of the 1841 Penny Red

The Roller Flaws of the 1841 Penny Red

A lot of research has been done on Plates 12 through 45.  This group, which follows directly after the Black Plates falls within the period that the Maltese Cross and Numeral Maltese Cross were in use.   Another feature of this group of plates is that Roller Flaws occur throughout.  Plates 12
thourgh 16 show a progress break at the top of the north-east star square.  Plates 21 and 22 have a small gap in the north-east star square.  Plates
22 through 27 also have a progress break in the top of the north-east corner which on 23 through 26 forms the so called "north-east triple break."
The 1842-43 10 and 1 O'clock Ray Flaw occurs on more than half of the plates from 26 through 45.  This first section illustrates the different Roller
Flaws and the effected plates. These Roller Flaws are prominant throughout this stage of the Penny Red production and serve as a "blue print"
to the plater.

Various Roller Flaws Plates 12-45

Plate 12
Plate 13
Plate 14
Plate 15

Plate 16
Plate 21 AA-HG
Plate 22 JI-TG
Plate 22 AA-JH
Plate 23

Plate 24 & 25
Plate 26 & 27

1842-43 10 and 1 O'clock Ray Flaws

1842-3 10 O'clock Ray Flaw
1842-3 1 O'clock Ray Flaw

Plates Effected by the 1842-43 Ray Flaws
Plates on which some or all positions show the 1842-43 Ray Flaw. Those which have links lead to pages covering the Plate in question

Plate 25
Plate 26
Plate 27
Plate 28
Plate 29
Plate 30
Plate 31
Plate 32
Plate 33
Plate 34
Plate 35
Plate 36
Plate 45

Other Types of Contant Flaws