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The 1841 Penny Red


The Penny Red, from Plate 12 the first entirely red printing to the advent of perforation and the close of the imperforate stamps with Plate 175,  is a world onto itself,  a seemingly infinite expanse of plates and varieties suitable to occupy the curiosity of the collector or plater for a life time.  The study of these issues could take many forms.  One could attempt to collect an example from each plate; or focus on a group of plates (like Plate 12-45 which is the period of the Maltese Cross); or even focus on a single plate, or focus on a specific characteristic such as the shades the stamps were issued in.  In this section I will attempt to only provide a glance into these possibilities by providing a few words and examples.   In the first Section, General Plate Characteristics,  a brief summary of ink, paper, and roller flaws is provided; then, in each Plate Grouping,  an outline and examples are provided.  The plates are logically grouped as an aid to the study.  Plates 12-45 are a group which share some similar roller flaws and also falls into the period of the Maltese Cross.  Plates 46-131, is a group which is Alphabet I during the use of the "1844" cancellation.  Plates 132-175 are all Alphabet II.

Plate Characteristics
Alphabet I and II
Maltese Cross
1844 Cancellations
Die I and II

12 - 45
46 - 131
132 - 175


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